The latest episode of The Common Creative Podcast stars Melbourne based Director, Actor & Writer Robert Lobosco. Having been an actor for the past 25 years our guest has written and directed Australian feature films Fate to Love & more recently DAD. Rob’s approach is proactive, it’s clear he’s about taking action on the ideas that move and inspire him. He doesn’t wait around doubting himself, he just does.

Having first appeared in crime series Halifax f.p in 1995, Rob has continued to appear in many short films and TV series. His latest venture producing DAD, a biographical feature film shot in Melbourne required the double duty of acting and directing. The film’s story centres around a young girl’s (Al) search for her father following her mother’s passing. In this episode, we touch upon Rob’s process leading up to the completion of DAD as well as many of the insights he’s uncovered over the course of his career. With DAD Rob aims to convey the importance of an adopted child connecting to one’s biological parents.

We spend time talking about Lobosco’s creative philosophy and writing process, specifically the importance of writing about things that move you. Rob recounts growing up as an actor studying at William Bates Academy Of Performing Arts and eventually breaking out to creating his own original stories. Another interesting feature of this episode was the mention of the five-dimensional character, a model that Rob uses to construct deeper archetypes. Through this, he incorporates intricate details on the beliefs and motivations of his characters.

Robert Lobosco in Melbourne 2020

Robert uses meditation to calm his mind, helping him to write more productively. He also finds spending time in nature helpful. Having discussed the importance of work ethic in the previous episodes, I felt #5 brings some new ideas to the table that will hopefully inspire you to venture out into the abyss and accomplish your own artistic pursuits.

You can connect with Robert Lobosco on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. You can also view his IMDB page here. See the DAD Facebook page here.

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