This month I wrangled together Iphie, Ollie & Bernard from Filmonik Melbourne which is part of The Kino Movement, an international filmmaking phenomenon originally formed by Chrisitan Laurence and friends in Montreal, 1999. I’ve personally witnessed Filmonik’s meetup at the Loop Bar drawing in Melbourne’s short film lovers for the past 3 years and here in this 4th episode of The Common Creative Podcast, we discuss the origin and evolution of the group, beginning in 2014 with Sydney based filmmaker Sophia Davidson-Gluyas, Iphy and Olie were participants in Sophia’s group who later stepped up to be organisers for Filmonik. Now having completed more than 64 open screenings, the Melbourne team offer an inexpensive opportunity to new and experienced filmmakers to present their work to an audience and have a chance to receive feedback as well.

One of the most prominent features of Filmonik is its Kabaret, a 2-day filmmaking marathon and screening which has participants come up with their own stories and produce them over the course of the weekend with the help of a variety of talent that partake in the event.

Kabaret offers filmmakers the opportunity to access enthusiastic actors and crew willing to help make a creative vision come to life. Participants can work within any theme or creative genre they wish, as long as you can have it ready for the screening that concludes the weekend.

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In this episode we expand on some of the challenges faced in the filmmaking process, including adapting to the equipment you have, letting go of creative expectations, thinking outside of the box and learning to collaborate in a filmmaking team. Filmmaking is often a chaotic experience and something that can require you to change your vision in order to make it to the finish line. I’ve experienced this on almost every short film I’ve made and participating in Kabaret is no different so I’m glad to find it’s organisers have embraced a go with the flow approach to filmmaking.

You can connect with Filmonik through their website as well as there Instagram and Facebook.

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