Young Dark-Haired Photographer Holding Camera In Front Of Brick Wall

Photo Credit: Davy Harris

I am an Melbourne based wedding and event Photographer and Videographer that has been in the business for 3 years. I have a love of narrative storytelling which is reflected in the work I produce.

I grew my artistic sensibilities through a variety of domains, most prominetly through film making, in which the relationship between image and story became deeply embedded. My earliest work dates back to primary school where I gained the inspiration to produce short films with family and friends, often involving laughable improvisation and bizzare humour that confused as often as it entertained. It was from this point that I'd discovered that I had an avid passion for story telling that had stemmed from narrative writing during my earliest years of education and eventually expanding out to a body of work that arose in the forthcoming years. What resulted was a similiar brand of bizzare humour but with an increasing sense of creative ability and an ever expanding capacity for abstract thinking. It was in this time that I taught myself how to make challenging films with the help of family and friends from each stage of the journey.

My focus today is candid imagery and capturing key moments that involve the subject looking away from the camera. I aim to portray a truthful documentation of each event in my work. I only expect that guests smile and look at the camera during the group photo session. I will otherwise make it my priority to be out of the way of guests partaking in an event.

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